Electrical Maintenance

Electrical Services

We offer routine maintenance and control services in regard to your electrical systems. Our electricians provide regular maintenance checks to ensure your electrical systems are working efficiently and accurately. To help with the running of your electrical systems we offer a range of maintenance services, these include both programmed and preventive maintenance.

Preventive/programmed maintenance

To help you avoid electrical breakdowns and injury we provide programmed preventive maintenance (PPM) schedules that will ensure your electrical systems are in working order. The service we provide will minimise failure and further damage to your systems, helping you avoid productivity loss and complete system failures.

Electrical maintenance & servicing

We have a core team of skilled personnel committed to Electrical Repairs and Maintenance (both proactive and reactive). If a problem arises, we will dispatch an engineer to investigate and rectify the problem within a timely manner to ensure minimal disruption to normal working processes. In addition to responding to unexpected faults and issues, We are equipped to provide routine preventative maintenance to ensure safety standards, increase efficiency and reduce breakdown within plants. This work is undertaken in-line with current building regulations driven by UK and EU legislation, which states that all mechanical and electrical services must be tested to ensure a building is compliant with UK law.

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