Project Case Study

Mannok is one the UK and Ireland’s most diverse and experienced manufacturers of construction products – developing a wide range of premium building materials, such as; high-performance rigid insulation, aerated thermal blocks, cement, hollow-core precast flooring and stair systems, and a range of related aggregate building products.

Since 2018, we have been the primary electrical maintenance partner for Mannok – providing both planned/preventative maintenance and reactive maintenance for the company’s distinct operations including; quarries (across multiple locations), prestress factory, tarmac plant, processing facilities, lite block factory, and rooftile plant.

Working across Mannok’s range of diverse operational facilities has equipped the Powerline ES team with a comprehensive expertise in a range services applied across varied applications, as well as a broad technical knowledge for systems, electrical maintenance and best practices in establishing preventative maintenance plans.

A proven track record for superior service has cemented an ongoing relationship with Mannok, and we continue to provide electrical maintenance and 24-hour cover, as well as over-seeing in-house engineering for electrical/energy efficiencies.


  • Broad technical knowledge
  • Wide understanding of different services
  • Preventative Maintenance Plans

Positive Takeaways

  • Strong/trust relationship
  • 2 years
  • First client

"Powerline is our go-to provider for electrical maintenance, not only because of their first-class service, but also their holistic approach to work which has ensured our facility is as safe and efficient as it can be."


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