Encirc 360

Project Case Study

Encirc is a leader in the UK and Ireland glass manufacturing and bottling industry. The evolving company has been a trailblazer for technological advancements in the sector which has seen an increase in investments for operational improvements and functional digitalisation.

We teamed up with Encirc on their Furnace A Rebuild Project, completing work on the instrumentation cabling as well as the design, manufacturing and relocation of the electrical containment systems.

Our aim during the project was to complete work without the disruption of production and the day-to-day running of the plant, while also maintaining a safe work environment for both Powerline ES and Encirc personnel. This involved a collaborative approach to work, with daily site meetings and open communication to ensure the project moved forward in an efficient manner, taking into consideration the limitations and hazards of working within a live production environment. We were able to accomplish the goals of the project while also adapting to the operational challenges of the site such as the ramifications of working within an exceptionally hot location and developing bespoke equipment to execute tasks.


  • Work environment (heat / adapting to the work environment) – bespoke made equipment for the job
  • Live processing industry (working with the production staff to ensure day to day running)

Positive Takeaways

  • Work was completed without disrupting production (safety)

"During the project, our main priority was to ensure our normal day to day running was not impacted. The Powerline team were able to execute high quality work without affecting our processes a true testament to their organisational skills and professionalism."

Encirc 360

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