Project Case Study

Renewable energy is an innovative industry which has seen growth year-on-year. Bioconstruct plans, constructs, and delivers wind power plants, photovoltaic plants, and biogas plants across Europe - completing more than 350 renewable energy projects since their establishment in 2001.

We worked closely with Bioconstruct on biogas projects completing electrical work within their Anaerobic Digestion (AD) Plants, specifically on power distribution, instrumental and control cabling, and commissioning. Through extensive projects, we have become experts in electrical services for AD Plants, establishing a robust knowledge base within this technical and hazardous field which uses natural processes to release a methane-rich gas (biogas) that can be used to generate renewable heat and power. We have certified engineers competent for the installation of Ex electrical equipment in Hazardous Areas, Units EX01 to EX10 Compex Approved.

With over 10 years of experience, the Powerline ES team was able to apply relevant experience, advanced expertise, and a pertinent skillset to the project, while working as part of a wider technical team, collaborating with other project contractors, such as mechanical engineers.


  • Working with other contractors
  • Collaborative
  • Technical
  • Hazardous areas (gas) – complex

Positive Takeaways

  • High standard
  • 15 (previous experience) – the entire team

"Powerline’s expertise has been vital in helping to come up with innovative solutions for our company. The team is always on hand to answer questions and offer guidance, providing valuable insights obtained through their years of extensive experience.

"Powerline’s work was completed to the highest possible standard, not only in terms of physical work – but also in their budgeting, project management and co-ordination."


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